Rules of Decorum


1st    It is the duty of each member to attend each conference meeting. Any male member failing to attend two conference meetings, it shall be his duty to let the church know the cause.  Should any member fail to attend three conference meetings in succession, it is the duty of the church to know the cause of his absence.

2nd   The church shall have a moderator who shall be chosen by the church.  The moderator shall be the judge of order and have the right to call order at any time and shall have the same right as other members if the chair i
s filled, but shall not vote unless the church be equally divided.

3rd    The church shall appoint a clerk, who shall keep the records of the business of the church.

4th    No grievance shall be taken to the church unless gospel steps have first been taken. (See Matthew 18th chapter)

5th    No member shall speak of the faults of another in their absence.  If so, they shall be dealt with as an offender.

6th    Only one member shall speak at anytime and by rising to their feet and addressing the moderator by the appellation of Brother.

7th    The person thus speaking shall not be interrupted provided he attend strictly on the subject.  But if he depart from it, the Moderator shall call him to order.

8th    No member shall cast any personal reflection on any member who may have spoken before him.

9th    No member shall speak more than twice without leave of the moderator of the church on any subject.

10th  No member shall absent himself in time of conference without leave of the moderator.

11th  All cases shall be decided by a majority vote except that of fellowship which shall be unanimous.